Do’s And Don’ts During A Divorce


DO check all social networking sites and consider shutting them down while the case is pending.

DO make provisions for your safety and that of your children, if there is a threat of violence.

DO inform your attorney of all relevant facts.

DO talk to your attorney about any pre-nups and post-nups that you have signed.

DO consider seeing a mental health professional if you feel you need help.

DO walk away from all arguments with your spouse

DO begin gathering documents early in the process, especially those necessary for your Inventory and Appraisement

DO attend the court-mandated parenting class.

DO complete all assignments from your attorney.

DO familiarize yourself with your financial estate.

DO speak to your children’s teachers and school counselors.

DO pay your bills.

DO pay your attorney fees!

DO consult with a tax professional or CPA.

DO start a list of fact witnesses for your lawyer.

DO listen to your attorney closely and follow her advice

DO be completely honest with your attorney, especially disclosing “bad facts.”

DO make sure your attorney knows about any criminal history

DO be on your best behavior during your divorce.

DO stop cursing in all forms, especially in texts and emails to your spouse

DO change passwords to your email and social media accounts, and any private bank accounts.

DO open a private bank account

DO act as if every conversation is being recorded

DO act as if everything you write down will be read by the judge

DO act as if every behavior is being observed and recorded by a private investigator

DO participate in your kids’ school and extracurricular activities, and make sure you are familiar with their teachers, doctors, babysitters, and other significant people in their lives.

DO participate in your kids’ doctor and dentist appointments.

DO NOT tap phones or record any conversations, unless you are a party to the conversation.

DO NOT install computer tracking software.

DO NOT install any tracking device on your spouse’s vehicle.

DO NOT violate any standing court order, temporary order, or injunction.

DO NOT transfer or withdraw large amounts of money after filing for divorce.

DO NOT shred or destroy any documents.

DO NOT change designations on insurance, retirement, or other estate documents.

DO NOT sell any property without the Court’s permission.

DO NOT take the kids out of school or enroll them in a new school.

DO NOT incur large or frivolous debts.

DO NOT share divorce documents with your kids

DO NOT discuss the issues involved in the divorce with your kids.

DO NOT start another romantic relationship

DO NOT discuss privileged information with anyone.

DO NOT forward your attorney’s emails to anyone.

DO NOT post anything about your divorce on any social networking site

DO NOT remove the kids from the state to change their residence

DO NOT open your spouse’s mail

DO NOT divert your spouse’s mail.

DO NOT check your spouse’s email

DO NOT hack into your spouse’s electronic accounts

DO NOT call CPS or the police without calling your attorney first

DO NOT expect that your divorce will be over with quickly or inexpensively.

DO NOT be rude to your spouse

DO NOT believe your spouse or any member of his family

DO NOT negotiate with your spouse or make deals with him/her without your attorney’s knowledge and approval.

DO NOT sign anything without your attorney

DO NOT be intimidated

DO NOT alienate or bad-mouth your spouse to the kids

DO NOT pay for plastic surgery or other luxury items

DO NOT write or send nasty emails or text messages

DO NOT take scandalous or provocative photos of yourself